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Is this community dead?

My community is pretty new and we're still looking for characters:

degeydegrassi: Degrassi Community School;; for lesbians!

All characters attend Degrassi Community School and are at some point in their education there. At which point, and at what age is up to the player. Depending on this, a character may or may not be who we know them as today. All of the cast is also lesbians, however the past is still true: players must find a way of dealing with this within the scope of their characters. Are they just coming to terms with their sexuality, or just arriving at Degrassi, are they an "out and proud" lesbian? With these rules, ages can be swapped, grade levels might be mixed. Show-canon is only what the basis of the character is based on, not gameplay.

Most characters are still available, however only females will be in gameplay.

Check us out!
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